Caution Notice

Our client, McDonald's Corporation, a company organized and existing under the laws of the State of Delaware, of the address 2915 Jorie Boulevard, Oak Brook, Illinois 60523, U.S.A, is known for its quick service restaurants throughout the world, including India.

It has come to the notice of our client that certain persons and parties are falsely holding themselves out as authorized representatives McDonald's Corporation and are making false representations to innocent members of the public wishing to apply to become a franchisee of McDonald's.

The public, trade and investors are hereby cautioned against such unauthorized franchise schemes and are requested to co-operate with our client by forthwith bringing such schemes to its attention. Our client also notes that it will not be liable to entertain any claim on account of dealings that any member of the public, trade, or investors may have with such fraudulent persons and/or parties who pose to be agents/authorized representatives of McDonald's Corporation when they are not.

Please note that McDonald's is not seeking additional franchisees to open McDonald's restaurants in India at this time.

The public, trade and investors are hereby notified that two companies have been authorized to develop, open and operate McDonald's restaurants in India and use McDonald's logos and trademarks: (1) Connaught Plaza Restaurants Private Limited ("CPRPL"); and (2) Hardcastle Restaurants Private Limited ("HRPL"). Any and all real estate inquires regarding the opening of non-franchised restaurants should be directed to: (1) for CPRPL in the North and East India region and (2) for HRPL in the West and South India region.

Public Notice is hereby given to all to whom it may concern that our client reserves its rights to take stern legal action against such unauthorized franchise schemes, including civil and criminal action, from this date without any further notice.

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