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McChicken Meal

Includes McChicken + medium fries + medium Coke (Gratify your hunger with a combo of McChicken Burger, crispy fries and a medium sized Coke)



431 Calories

840mg Sodium

20g Fat

6g Saturated Fat

49g Carbs

31mg Cholesterol

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McVeggie Meal

A worthy meal to curb your hunger to the fullest that includes McVeggie, crispy fries and medium sized Coke.



426 Calories

650mg Sodium

18g Fat

5.9g Saturated Fat

56g Carbs

1mg Cholesterol

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Maharaja Mac Meal

Includes Chicken Maharaja-Mc + medium fries + medium Coke (Fulfill all your burger cravings with double the fun of Chicken Maharaja-Mc accompanied with medium sized Coke and your favourite fries.)



545 Calories

1030mg Sodium

25g Fat

8.9g Saturated Fat

52g Carbs

64mg Cholesterol

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Filet-O-Fish Meal

Includes Filet-O-Fish + medium fries + medium Coke (Enhance your taste buds with soothing taste of Filet-O-Fish burger. Devour this fishy delight with medium sized Coke and crispy fries.)



388 Calories

670mg Sodium

19g Fat

6.4g SaturatedFat

39g Carbs

20mg Cholesterol

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McNuggets Meal

Includes Chicken McNuggets + medium fries + medium Coke (A snack full of chunky and delightful Chicken McNuggets. Dolloping your appetite includes Crispy fries and Medium Coke.)



22g Protein

980mg Sodium

26g Fat

10g Saturated Fat

44g Carbs

70mg Cholesterol

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