McDonald's Kitchen

Hygiene is our priority and we don't compromise on this factor. We store, cook and pack our food in hygienic conditions, in order to preserve the nutritional value.e and your health.

Veg & Non-Veg Kitchens

In lieu with the local culture, we don't serve beef and pork items. McDonalds has re-engineered its operations in India, to meet the special requirements of vegetarians in the country. Vegetarian products are kept separate, throughout all the stages of cooking, storage and service.Even our mayonnaise and the soft serves are 100% vegetarian.

Food Quality

Food quality is key at McDonald's. We seek out fresh and impeccable Quality of food products. Starting from lettuce tomatoes, quality buns and potatoes, select poultry and fish, and wholesome dairy products

Storage & Hygiene

Apart from taking stringent measures with the storage and preparation of food, we also ensure that our staffs meet standards of hygiene and cleanliness.