Learning and Development

McDonald's observes training practices that are arguably one of the best across industry segments in the country. The company policy is based on the philosophy of promoting from within the organisation, provided that the candidate's abilities match the job and position requirements.
Training at McDonald's is a combination of on-floor experience and classroom training provided through the Learning and Development department that takes into account exposure to the various vaspects of the business.

The People and the Training

Service is the key element of McDonald's operations. Every employee strives to provide 100 percent Total Customer Satisfaction - to every customer on every visit. This includes fast, friendly and attentive service, accuracy in order taking and serving the order. Training plays a crucial role in enabling quality service to be provided to the customer. The training policies at McDonald's are based on the philosophy of its founder Ray Kroc who believed that, "If you take care of your people the business takes care of itself". In fact, when the Indian joint venture was formalised, the joint venture partners along with management trainees were given extensive on-the-job training in Indonesia. Professionals in human resources, real estate and construction were hired and International Directors worked with them to train them in the required areas.

When asked about his experience, Aditya Kharwa, General Manager RSG who also started his career with McDonald's as a crew member in 1996, says, "At McDonald's, I believe, the training imparted here is equivalent to that of an MBA as our Management Development Programme provides an in-depth knowledge of subjects that are covered in an MBA, like leadership skills, time management, business controls and inventory maintenance, to name a few. He adds, "It has been a wonderful learning experience and at the same time, a thoroughly enjoyable one. At McDonald's one is not relegated to one department alone, its hands on training across all departments. Take me for instance, I started out as a crew member, went on to become a Restaurant Manager and then an Area Supervisor, looking after 3 restaurants. Now, I am part of the Learning & development department where I conduct courses for our trainee managers as well develop training modules and help adapt international training courses for our local needs. Moreover, I also have the flexibility of going back to Operations in the future."