Terms & Conditions - "McDonald’s Sab Lucky Promo"

“McDonald’s Sab Lucky Promo” scheme (hereinafter referred to as “the scheme”) is designed to enhance the fun experience of customers who visit any McDonald’s Family Restaurant (hereinafter referred to as “the Restaurant/s”) (including McDelivery customers who place order through McDelivery and Drive-Thru customers who can drive right up to the Restaurant and avail of the services being offered at the Restaurant and drive away there from, all without alighting from their vehicles) located anywhere in India except the State of Tamil Nadu, operated by Connaught Plaza Restaurants Private Limited (CPRPL), Hardcastle Restaurants Private Limited (HRPL) and Golden Kitchens Private Limited (GKPL) (the said CPRPL, HRPL and GKPL are hereinafter collectively referred to as “McDonald’s India”).

The scheme is as under:-

  1. The scheme is applicable throughout India excluding the State of Tamil Nadu and is valid for the period from 10th November, 2012 to 10th December, 2012 (both days inclusive). McDonald’s India reserves the right to curtail or extend the period of the scheme, in its sole discretion.
  2. The scheme is also valid during breakfast hours (breakfast hours vary from Restaurant to Restaurant) on the breakfast menu.
  3. A customer would get a coupon (“the coupon”) with every purchase from the Restaurant including McDelivery of any of the McDonald’s products as mentioned on the Menu board of the Restaurant. The coupon will be given to customer with every bill i.e. a customer will be eligible for coupons equivalent to the number of bills. The coupon entitles the customer to lucky draw prizes as provided hereinafter and also free offers of certain McDonald’s product’s as mentioned in condition 4 herein below on the next purchase of Mcdonald’s products/s at the Restaurant.
  4. The scheme provides the following offers and lucky draw prizes:
    1. Offers: A customer will get, as specified in the coupon, any of the following:
      1. One Regular Coke or
      2. One McEgg burger or
      3. One Soft Serve Cone or
      4. One Piri Piri Sachet or
      5. One McAloo Tikki or
      6. Spicy Paneer Burger or
      7. Spicy Chicken Burger or
      8. Egg McMuffin or
      9. Veg McMuffin as the case may be, free on surrender of the coupon at the time of the next purchase of McDonald’s products by the customer. To be able to avail the Offer as specified herein the customer has to purchase McDonald’s products of the value of Rs. 15/- and/or above. In case of the Restaurant operated by CPRPL, the coupon can be redeemed only in any of the Restaurant and not via Mcdelivery. However in case of the Restaurant operated by HRPL, the coupon can be redeemed in any of the Restaurant and also via McDelivery.
    2. Lucky Draw Prizes:
      1. There will be 16 (sixteen) hourly, 1 (one) daily, 1 (one) weekly prize and 1 (one) Bumper prize. The hourly prize will consist of a Nokia Asha 200, the daily prize will be consist of Nokia Lumia 800, the weekly prize will consist of a trip to Mauritius from and the Bumper prize will consist of Chevrolet Beat Car (Colours and specifications are subject to availability). There will be a total of 280 hourly prizes (for HRPL and CPRL each), 30 daily and 4 weekly prizes and 1 Bumper prize, for the entire period of the scheme, which will be given across India except State of Tamil Nadu.
      2. To be able to participate in the Lucky Draw, the customer would be required to send/transmit via Short Message Service (SMS) the lucky code printed on the coupon to 54242 and on doing so, the Customer shall receive via SMS the following response from HT Media “Thanks for participating. We’ll intimate u if u r a winner. Plz retain ur coupon* T and C apply”. The premium SMS charges would be charged to customer.
  5. The hourly lucky draw shall be drawn hourly between 8 AM to 12 PM every day, the daily lucky draw shall be drawn once in a day, the weekly draw shall be drawn once every week and Bumper lucky draw shall be drawn at the end of the scheme. For the purpose of this condition, the term week shall mean a period of 7 days commencing from Saturday, the 10th November, 2012 and ending on Monday, the 10th November, 2012. The successive weeks shall commence from the day following the day on which the preceding week ends.
  6. The hourly lucky draws, daily lucky draw and weekly lucky draws, Bumper lucky draw shall be drawn by HT Media by randomly choosing the winner through a computer generated lucky draw. The hourly lucky winner will not be eligible for the weekly Bumper prize.
  7. HT Media shall announce the names of hourly lucky prize winners and weekly Bumper prize winners and shall transmit an SMS to winners intimating them about the prize and requesting the winner to contact McDonald’s India representative at CPRPL and HRPL as the case may be, at the head office situated in case of CPRPL at 13-A, Jor Bagh, New Delhi 110003 and in case of HRPL at Unit Nos. 1001-1002, 10th Floor, Tower 3, Indiabulls Finance Centre, Senapati Bapat Marg, Elphinstone Road, Mumbai-400 013.
  8. The winner of hourly prize, daily prize, weekly prize and also Bumper prize would be required to submit to the representative of McDonald’s India at the abovementioned office the coupon containing the code, show the winning SMS received from HT Media and a valid Identification Proof before claiming the hourly prize or daily prize or weekly prize or Bumper prize as the case may be.
  9. The winner of hourly prize, daily prize, weekly prize and also Bumper prize shall collect its prize from the place and at the time as would be indicated by McDonald’s India, subject to providing its proof of identity i.e. voter identity card/driving license and subject to such other conditions as may be prescribed by Mcdonald’s India.
  10. In the event a minor is declared winner of the Bumper prize, the registration of the weekly Bumper prize i.e. Chevrolet Beat Car shall be done in the name of the guardian of the minor, subject to necessary and sufficient documentary proof submitted by the guardian in this regard. The decision of McDonald’s India as to whether the documents submitted are sufficient shall be final and binding on the guardian.
  11. Photocopies or duplicates of the coupons and torn coupons shall not be accepted or shall not be treated as valid.
  12. All coupons under the scheme are and will remain the property of McDonald’s India.
  13. No coupons to be given to customer on redemption of coupon on next purchase.
  14. The market price of the Nokia Lumia 800 is RS. 26,419/- and Noka Asha 200 is Rs. 4,339/-. McDonald’s India reserves the right to select on random basis, a particular model of the phone used for the purpose of the scheme.
  15. The prizes shown or depicted on any promotional material are representative only and that the actual prize might differ from those shown or depicted on the promotional material.
  16. The market price of a Chevrolet Beat Car is approximately Rs. 5,00,000/- (ex-showroom price, Delhi).
  17. The menu price of one Regular Coke is approximately Rs. 42/- (inclusive of taxes).
  18. The menu price of one McEgg Burger is approximately Rs. 25/- (inclusive of taxes).
  19. The menu price of one Soft Serve Cone with is approximately Rs. 15/- (inclusive of taxes).
  20. The menu price of a McAloo Tikki is approximately Rs. 25/- (inclusive of taxes).
  21. The menu price of a Piri Piri sachet is approximately Rs. 10/- (inclusive of taxes)
  22. The menu price of a Spicy Paneer Burger is approximately Rs. 99/- (inclusive of taxes).
  23. The menu price of a Spicy Chicken Burger is approximately Rs. 99/- (inclusive of taxes).
  24. The menu price of an Egg McMuffin is approximately Rs. 42/- (inclusive of taxes).
  25. The menu price of a Veg McMuffins is approximately Rs. 49/- (inclusive of taxes).
  26. The menu prizes of the free McDonald’s products mentioned above from clause no. 16 to clause no. 24 may vary at other places in the Restaurants.
  27. The prizes are not transferable.
  28. The coupon can be redeemed till 20th of December, 2012.
  29. Only one coupon can be redeemed at a time that is two or more coupons cannot be clubbed together on a single purchase/transaction.
  30. McDonald’s India does not warrant the quality etc. of the prizes and shall not be responsible thereof. Responsibility as to quality etc of the prize/s rest/s with the manufacturers thereof. No claims of any nature whatsoever will be entertained in this regard.
  31. McDonald’s India shall not be liable for any loss, damage, theft, breakage, malfunction or any defect caused to or noticed in the prize and / or in respect of the prize after handing over the same to the lucky winner.
  32. McDonald’s India shall not be responsible for the loss/theft of the coupon while in possession of the customer and no claims in this regard of any nature whatsoever shall be entertained by McDonald’s India.
  33. Taxes in the nature of Income Tax (including under Section 194B of the Income Tax Act), Gift Tax or any other statutory levies as may be applicable from time to time, in relation to the prizes, shall be payable by the lucky winners. The prizes shall not be released by McDonald’s India to the winners thereof in the absence of proof of payment of such taxes, levies etc.
  34. All McDonald's products/items including McDonald’s product offered free can be purchased without having to participate in the scheme. For menu prices, refer to the Restaurant menu board.
  35. All instructions, rules and conditions on any advertising or promotional materials relating to the scheme form part of these provisions, provided that in the event of any conflict or inconsistency, the provisions of these terms and conditions shall prevail over all such other instructions, rules and conditions.
  36. The prizes shall not be exchanged for cash.
  37. The coupon is non-substitutable and non-encashable.
  38. The prizes are not meant for sale separately.
  39. The scheme is not valid in conjunction with any other offer/Scheme/Promotion.
  40. The scheme is subject to force majeure conditions including acts of God, strikes, war, riots, change of law, statutory prohibitions/ restrictions.
  41. Offer is subject to availability of Mcdonald’s product/s at the Restaurant offered free under the Offer that is Mcdonald’s India is not liable if the Mcdonald’s product/s offered free under the Offer is not available at the Restaurants.
  42. Employees and relatives of McDonald’s India, HT Media and Leo Burnett are not eligible to participate in the scheme.
  43. In case of any dispute or difference with respect to scheme, the decision of McDonald’s India shall be final and binding on all concerned.
  44. The Scheme is subject to the jurisdiction of competent court/s at Delhi or Mumbai as the case may be.
  45. The participant cannot hold McDonald’s India / HT Media / Mobile Operator/s responsible in case of any of the following eventualities;
    1. For any sms response which does not reach the customer due to any connectivity related aspects between the Mobile operators’ SMSC (short message service centre) and the customer’s mobile number or regarding any network related problem which is not under the control of HT Mediaor McDonald’s India or the mobile operator. This is because of various technical aspects (such as server outage/scheduled maintenance being carried out at HT Media or McDonald’s India or at Mobile Operator’s end which are outside the reasonable control of any person including the mobile operator.
    2. For any sms response which does not reach the customer due to the black listing, scrubing of the said customer’s mobile number by any mobile operator’s notice to HT Media.
    3. For any sms response which does not reach the customer due to any network connectivity between the server of HT Media and that of McDonald’s India or vice versa.
    4. For any sms response which does not reach the customer due to any technical fault either at HT Media’s end or McDonald’s India’s end or mobile operator’s smsc’s end as these things are not within the reasonable control of any person though best efforts are made to service the customers.
  46. For any technical reasons such as no network coverage of the mobile number from which such request has originated.
  47. McDonald’s India reserves the right to change / modify / terminate the scheme at its discretion and without prior notice and without assigning any reasons for the same.
  48. Participation the scheme is entirely voluntary.
  49. Participation in the scheme shall imply unconditional and full acceptance of all the above terms and conditions of the scheme.