McDonald's India ensures that the highest level of food safety standards are consistently maintained across all our restaurants. To ensure this, we have spent six years prior to opening our first restaurant in India to establish our unique cold chain with advanced traceability systems. This is integral to help us reinforce stringent international standards of food safety and quality by tracing every ingredient that goes into our products. This has also immensely benefited both local farmers and customers and has brought about a veritable revolution in the QSR Industry.
We know that our French fries are juicy, crispy and totally un-replicable! And there is a good reason for that. We really fuss over our food and its ingredients.
McDonald’s is the only Quick Service Restaurant to have established a closed loop supply chain along with its partners.
This ensures that we are agile enough to move quickly to keep pace evolving consumer preferences, are able to maintain consistency and make sure that we only use the best quality ingredient for all our menu items.