Our story

We are the world’s largest chain of quick service restaurants, making a difference to people’s lives across the globe everyday.

Hardcastle Restaurants Pvt. Ltd. (HRPL). has a Master Franchisee relationship with McDonald’s Corporation USA and has rights to own & operate McDonald’s restaurants in India’s west and south markets since its inception in 1996.

HRPL is a direct subsidiary of Westlife Development Limited (WDL), a company listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE: 505533) with a focus on putting up and operating Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) in India and currently operates McDonald’s through 252 restaurants (as of 31 December 2016) across 34 cities and 10 states in west and south India.

What we stand for

Good Food

McDonald’s food is made with quality, fresh ingredients which are sourced from our local suppliers in India with whom we have partnered over 2 decades now. McDonald’s has continuously been enhancing menu and nutritional choices in response to customers’ needs and nutrition preferences. We take the well-being of our customers very seriously and we’ve worked hard on our recipes and menu choice to reduce fat, salt and sugar.

Good People

Driven by a rich culture that has anchored the company’s position as the world’s leading restaurant chain, McDonald’s, continual commitment towards its employees and consumers has become a trademark for its success.

Good Neighbours

Being cherished across the world , we focus our efforts on giving back to the community, as we return our customer’s loyalty. We take our social responsibilities and our commitment to the society and ethics seriously.

we care


Being cherished across the world, we believe in returning our customer’s loyalty by focusing our efforts on giving back to community.


The wellbeing of the consumers and the environment we live in is of highest priority to Mcdonald's.


Being cherished across the world, we believe in returning our customer’s loyalty by focusing our efforts on giving back to the community.

Enlightening young minds – Education Mukhtangan

Muktangan, an initiative of Paragon Charitable Trust, pioneering in educational programme working in close partnership with various NGOs across the country. McDonald’s partnered with Muktangan to support and promote education for the girl child. We worked on child centered methodology to educate kids through the seven schools operated by them.

McDonald's also partnered with Nareshwadi school aiming to improve the standard of living of the tribal community and students of Nareshwadi Project. The Company further supported the project economically by providing them with a better workplace. This in turn helped them to consume right quantity and quality of food, thus preventing malnutrition.

Go Green Campaign

McDonald's undertook a proactive step in creating awareness about Global Warming by educating children & urging them to GO GREEN.

Room to Read India

Hardcastle Restaurants partnered with Room to Read India an NGO running Literacy Program in primary schools to help young children obtain reading skills and develop the habit of reading by donating 1,11,000 children’s books for distribution to municipal schools for the promotion of education of children, especially from non-privileged backgrounds in this program.

Support education and dignity of Labour

To educate and encourage dignity of labour in the Retail industry in India, McDonald's India in association with RAI hosted the 'Industry- Academy Partnership' Symposium.

McDonald's Traffic Safety Week ( Association with Mumbai Police)

McDonald's ran a 15 day campaign in benefit of the public, giving public traffic safety tips, encouraging them to observe traffic rules.

The Girl-Child and World Children's Day (UNICEF)

In western India, McDonald's tied up with The Nalanda Foundation to support Education of the Girl-Child for three years.

Supporting Pulse Polio

McDonald's has over the years worked to support eradication of Polio. With this end objective, the company has actively supported and participate in the Pulse Polio Awareness rally since 1997.

McDonald's Voting Initiative

In a bid to encourage its customers to vote, McDonald's India launched a consumer focussed initiative to reward every citizen who cast their vote in the civic elections.

Road to Sustainability Working Together for Our Future

As a global brand, McDonald’s India has a responsibility to be a force for good. The actions we take as a business present tremendous opportunities to have a deep and lasting impact, on us as individuals, on the communities we proudly serve and on the world in which we live and will pass on to future generations. The wellbeing of the consumers and the environment we live in is of highest priority to McDonald’s.

Green Yatra

Opportunity : Keeping the environment around our restaurants clean has been one of the key focuses for McDonald’s India. Paper and plastic waste generated at McDonald’s India restaurants is estimated at approximately 1,05,285 kilograms on average per month across 60 restaurants in Mumbai and Pune.

Solution: McDonald’s India partnered with a local non-governmental organization in early 2012 to run a waste management audit of restaurants in Mumbai and its suburbs, and to initiate a pilot to collect the paper and plastic waste from McDonald’s restaurants in Mumbai. After a successful pilot, McDonald’s India now recycles paper waste for reuse.

Results: McDonald’s India, through its initiative of recycling paper waste for reuse, is taking a step toward obtaining green restaurant certification. By developing a systematic waste management process, McDonald’s India is moving toward zero greenhouse gas emissions. After a successful pilot in Mumbai, McDonald’s India has introduced the systematic waste management process in Pune (Maharashtra).

Since 2012, HRPL has saved approx. 2,677,000 kgs or 2,677 Metric Tons of Carbon or Greenhouse Gases emission (GHG) (Carbon dioxide (CO2) and Methane (CH4)) with virtual real estate value of ₹6,127 Crores or $ 1 billion. We intend to continue this for many coming years and encourage ecological sustainability.

Waterless Urinals

McDonald’s has implemented an interesting solution aimed at improving sanitation without placing a heavy burden on the water resources by refurbishing traditional urinals with waterless cleansing technology. The waterless urinal is capable of saving over 1,51,000 liters of water per urinal every year. This initiative extends to 75 McDonald’s restaurants in West India and our endeavor is to roll out the same across all our new and existing restaurants in the West & South of India by end of this year.


Thank you For Giving Us the Opportunity

to Serve A Zillion Tastebuds, Everyday.

From its first restaurant in 1996 to 242 across the West & South India our story has been one that's built on quality and a solid constructive, permanent and ethical approach. Today, we are the World's biggest chain of quick service restaurants, serving millions of customers everyday.

185 million Customers, 7500 employees, and outstanding delivery: Here's to you a heartfelt thank you

First restaurant opened in Bandra, Mumbai


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Best Digital Campaign Award 2016

Gold Award by Indian Digital Media Awards

(Battle of the Spicy)

Campaign with the Best ROI in India 2016

Silver Award by Indian Digital Media Awards

(Battle of the Spicy)

Great Places to Work Institute 2016

HRPL has been ranked as the No. 1 Company to work for in retail in 2016 by the Great Places to Work Institute in Association with the Retail Association of India

Communicator Awards 2015

McDelivery Excellence in Custom Ecommerce Solutions

INDIA Awards 2015

Winner of International Advertising Associations Award - Retail category - McDonald's Campaign #Kuch Pal Offline

MAKE IN INDIA Awards for Excellence 2015

In the QSR Category

GPTW & RAI - Best Companies to work for 2015

1st in the Food Retail category, 4th in India’s top 10 retail employers

Indian Digital Hospitality Awards 2015

Best use of Social Media

The Economic Times Supply Chain Management & Logistics Award 2015

Excellence in Supply Chain & Logistics

TRA - India’s most trusted brands 2014

Ranked 86th across 20,000 unique brands

Economic Times Brand Equity - Most Exciting Brands 2014

First among the QSR players, 16th across 100 other reputed brands

Pitch Brands 50 Awards 2013

(Excellence In Marketing)
Bang For Buck Mc Donald’s

Outdoor Advertising Awards (2013)

Bronze - Retail Brand

Effie Awards (2012)

Retail Advertising
(Mc Donald’s Spicefest)

Effie Awards (2012)

Retail Advertising
(Mc Donald’s Happy Price Menu)

Effie Awards (2012)

Retail Advertising
(McDonald's Flurry)
Taking The Fast Out Of Fast Food

Asia Retail Congress (2011)

Making Sustainability Good Business
Award For Retail Excellence

Effie Awards (2011)

Retail Advertising
(Mc Donald’s Shukra Hai Mc Donalds Hai)

Asia Retail Congress (2010)

Award For Retail Excellence
Retailer Of The Year
(Food & Beverages - Catering Service)

CNBC Awaaz Consumer Awards (2009)

Most Preferred Multi Brand Fast Food Outlet
Award For Retail Excellence

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